Midi Dresses

Axparis.com is a women’s online fashion website, bringing you the latest in Celebrity & High Street clothing! Shop our collection of midi dresses today. Every girl knows that you can never have too many dresses and with so much choice it’s a blessing! The midi dress is perfect for any occasion and is sultry yet sophisticated. Easy to throw on in an instant, especially when paired with our killer heels!

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Lets Talk Midi Dresses

What are midi dresses?

A midi dress is a term used to describe a skirt or dress that has a hem which sits halfway between your ankle and knee. 


Are midi dresses good for the summer?

Midi dresses are perfect for the summer months because they are mid length meaning they are lighter.  Because they are traditionally brought out in the warmer months they tend to have designs that allow you to show off a bit more skin.  Ranging in colours from your more common blacks and whites to teals and plum , we also stock pastels, and floral designs. These midi's make for an ideal walk along the beach, a meal out, a commute to the office in the morning and a bar at night.  The Midi really is the perfect summer dress


Accessories for your midi

Opt for a chain strap bag, a pair of flats, and stunning belt with your midi this summer