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Maxi Dresses

Shop our collection of maxi dresses today with  We are a women’s online fashion website, bringing you the latest in Celebrity & High Street clothing! Whatever the occasion you are after, be it the perfect maxi dress for the prom or a night on the town? Look no further than our luxury maxi dress collection below!

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Lets Talk Maxi Dresses

What is a Maxi Dress?

A Maxi dress is traditionally an ankle length informal dress.  Maxi dresses are typically made out of polyester or cotton and range in colours and patterns.  A maxi dress is formfitting at the top and loose at the bottom enabling it to flow over your body. 


How long have Maxi Dresses been in fashion?

The Maxi dress first came about in the late 1960's.  It's been a staple favourite for many women all over the world since 1968 when Oscar de la Renta first brought his idea to life.  Being a designer he tasked himself with creating the perfect outfit for a world famous innovator and entrepreneur named Elizabeth Arden.  She was in effect a celebrity of her day and was known for her desire and success in allowing science to help create beautiful skin.  She said most famously "To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman".  Since wearing it, the maxi dress instantly took off and is still very much in demand today.


Why should I buy an AX Paris Maxi Dress?

Simply put our Maxi Dresses come in a wide range of colour blocking and prints. These long styles would be perfect during the summer months. We stock a range of colours in our maxi dress collection, these include:  Black Maxi Dresses, Red Maxi Dresses, Navy Maxi Dresses, Grey Maxi Dresses, Green Maxi Dresses, Blue Maxi Dresses and Purple Maxi Dresses.  With our latest range of Maxi Dresses you’re sure to be centre of attention in one of our unique designs and have all your friends talking. Just pair our maxi dresses with some killer heels or cute flats for a more laid back look.