Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect selection of bridesmaid dresses? Look no further than our luxury bridesmaid dress collection below! With a wide range of colours and prints, these long styles would be perfect during those upcoming summer months. Be sure to compliment the bride in one of our unique designs and with so many bridesmaid dresses to choose from we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you! 


Lets Talk Bridesmaid Dresses


If you are the lucky bride to be or you are one of the chosen few trusted bridesmaids choosing the right bridesmaid dress for you, then look no further than the gorgeous range of bridesmaid dresses available above.  All our dresses come in beautiful colours and shades.  Whatever the venue, time of year or destination AX Paris bridesmaid dresses have it covered.  Below we have some helpful hints and tips to help with your special day.


Don't be too similar to the bride


Compliment the bride.  Look for common colours or styles that work well with her dress


Pick the right Colour


There will usually be a strict colour code for a wedding.  If you are buying all of the dresses try to keep them within this guide.  Also remember the groomsmen, as they too will have a common colour and this will avoid any clashes.


Allow Plenty of Time


If you go down the custom design route ensure you have left enough time.  Time to have these designed, fitted and delivered.

We stock all of our dress above so any bridesmaid dresses you decide you want can be with you fast to try on and tick off the list.


Accessorise the dress


A great dress will always welcome an accessory or two.  Why not add a bag or some hair accessories for that little extra touch.